Flaunt The Glow Of Long-Term Smooth Skin

Committed To Provide Flawless Smooth Skin With Yag hair removal in Calgary

Jasreen Studio takes pride in being a trusted destination for Yag hair removal in Calgary. Teaming up with some of the best Certified Yag Laser Professionals, we have been able to provide our clients the boon of permanent flawless skin.

Jasreen Studio houses some most powerful YAG Laser setups that are operated only by certified trained professionals. Alongside being well-built, the operating systems are updated with every new version.

We only use medically graded machines for Yag hair removal in Calgary.

The Benefits Of Jasreen Studio YAG Hair Removal In Calgary

  • Reduced rate of regrowth
  • No ingrown hair
  • Skin becomes smoother and softer
  • No scar incurred during or after the session
  • No side effects
  • Gives results that last long
  • Can shave in between sitting sessions

So, How Does Jasreen’s YAG Laser Hair Removal Therapy Work?

YAG laser targets melanin pigmented cells within the hair follicles. These cells absorb the energy unit of laser beam until the time that follicle is destroyed. The surrounding tissue is left unharmed.

The laser hair treatment sessions are recommended for at least 7 sittings for each client at a gap of 4 to 8 weeks so that the growth cycle of each hair is aligned with the treatment and each follicle is destroyed.

After every sitting, the patients can expect at least 95% reduction in the thickness of hair. The hair that are left are lighter and finer in appearance. The hair inside the skin surface have no follicle active and hence the body will automatically reject them in a span of 2 or 3 weeks.

What To Expect From Jasreen Studio’s Pre and Post YAG Laser Therapy?

The candidate has to shave and take a shower thoroughly prior 24 hours of the treatment as the laser therapy for hair removal works best on clean and untanned skin.

Waxing, plucking of hair or using hair removal creams are not recommended because the hairs need to be attached with their follicles for effective treatment.

To make the procedure comfortable, the professionals at Jasreen Studio conduct the procedure in an air-cooled environment.

During the session, candidates feel prickly and warm shots that are generally tolerable with most.

Post session, there may occur some red bumps all over the treated area, which is a normal occurrence for procedures like these.

Is YAG Laser Hair Removal Therapy Permanent?

Clients with dark hair experience 85% to 95% reduction in hair growth which is considered to be permanent.

Clients who have good growth rate might need touch-up sessions time-to-time on the hair that are left. After every treatment, the hair growth will become patchy, followed by finer regrowth after each following sittings.

Please note that hormonal imbalances can create new growth of follicles which can be eliminated with this procedure again.

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